CREATION in the wheel

300wheelInitially we take a piece of clay depending on the size and the object we want to make.

Then we place it in the rotating wheel while at the same time we dampen it to make it slippery and shape the object more easily.

Finally, with methodical and systematic movements we give our object the desirable shape.

Engraving the pots

300engraving2Once the construction of the object on the wheel, we let it dry for a while and carve the desirable pattern on it with a pair of tongs while removing at the same time unnecessary pieces of clay to create what we have already carved.


300paintHaving baked an object in the oven for the first time, the so called biscoui, we paint it with brushes and special paints for ceramics.

Sources of inspiration for the art of painting can be patterns from Minoan Crete, symbols of antiquity as well as any benchmark identifying the past with the present

Glaze and Baking

300ovenBefore putting the items in the oven, we clean them with sponge and water to smooth their surface.

Then we put the pottery in the oven at 980 - 1000 degrees, the so-called biscoui.

When they are baked, we paint them - the so called glazing- and put them back in the oven at the temperature of 1030 - 1050 degrees.

This is how we complete the creation of ceramics.