VISIT our lab and discover the art of ceramics

The visitor, coming to our lab, located in Anopolis of Heraclion, finds himself in a traditional building covering an area of 1.000 sq metres, laboratories of 500 sq metres, a 500 sqm Exhibition area, toilets, courtyard fences covered with grass and a small museum illustrating the Cretan traditional culture. At the same time, he has the opportunity to revive, upon our guidance, our traditional art of pottery dating back to the ancient times of Minoan Crete.
Our spaces can accomodate large or small groups, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the entire process of creating ceramics

SEE our creation












The clay-created earth is the primary material of construction of our ceramics. Then with the help of the wheel and hands the formation is completed.

LEARN our techniques











Having completed the construction of the ceramic with the help of the wheel, it is necessary to dry for one - two days. After shaping the object with handles you should place it in the oven at a temperature of 980 - 1000 degrees to bake.

TRY yourself











Our visitors have the opportunity to test their skills in ceramics. Any
personal creation of our visitors can be baked by us and delivered to
them in three days.

TASTE in the Cretan way










In our area visitors can enjoy a limited taste of Cretan hospitality, such as olive oil, nuts, raisins and roasted chick peas (cooked chick peas), traditional Cretan cookies, raki, local wine and coffee.

CHOOSE your ceramics










In our showroom you can see handmade ceramic household and ornamental, Pyrex dishes,
Archaic Minoan pottery copies with olives on them - the ancient symbol of peace.

The visitors can find ceramics and folk art objects at very affordable prices